Finally, closure: Jury says Texas trucking company to pay $105 Million to family of slain husband and father of three rear-ended by Amazon partner. Survivors and lawyers hope trucking companies get strong warning through one of the state’s largest wrongful death verdicts in recent years.

$100 Million lawsuit filed by The Witherspoon Law Group on behalf of widow left to raise their three children alone

Arlington, Texas – Slain 16-year-old Dai’Trell Teal’s family says that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor should have been investing in adequate safety and security measures all along, instead of waiting until their loved one was killed at the popular water park.

PENSACOLA, FL – Victims of another violent shooting at Oakwood Terrace Apartments are suing DM Oakwood Terrace, LLC and Texas-based Marquis Asset Management, Inc., the property management and development companies that ignored security concerns— even after two murders took place at their Pensacola properties in less than a year. Tony Jefferson, Timothy Beck, Jerkavia Morgan, Ladaryl…

Seventeen-year-old Tony Evans, Jr., a star athlete who looked forward to playing for the Wyoming Cowboys on a football scholarship next fall, will not live out his college dreams because he was fatally shot at an underage hotel party that his parents say should have never been permitted.

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Dallas, TX, USA—A grieving family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a fabrication company after a forklift accident fatally killed their son. The Witherspoon Law Group is helping the family bring charges against True Blue Granite for the wrongful death of Demonte Fisher, a 22-year-old worker at the company. The Witherspoon Law Group is one of the country’s leading law firms in personal injury and wrongful death matters.

The incident took place on July 3rd when a forklift machine fell onto and crushed Fisher to death. The family has retained a wrongful death attorney from The Witherspoon Law Group to help them seek justice. The firm has already begun the process of investigating and trying to find out the circumstances leading to the death of the Fisher family’s son. True Blue Granite chose not to contact the family after the accident to provide any answers or show any remorse, despite the Fisher family attempting to make contact and leave messages. True Blue Granite is still in operation, and according to Occupation Safety and Health Administration, the company complied with the law when they reported the incident on July 4th. OSHA has launched a full investigation into the incident.

The Witherspoon Law Group have stated their intent is to obtain justice for Mr. Fisher and his loved ones. They also aim to make the workplace safer to ensure an incident like this never takes place again and to send a message to True Blue Granite. In a statement issued by the law firm, they claimed that the tragedy could have been avoided, but the lack of compassion shown by True Blue Granite in failing to contact the parents illustrates the lack of care and welfare for the safety of Mr. Fisher.

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HOUSTON, TX (November 25, 2020) –– The Witherspoon Law Group has been hired by the family of a 71-year-old man who was killed in a car crash on Saturday, November 21 after a Houston Police Department SUV crashed into his vehicle. Surveillance footage shows that Walter Cooper’s Cadillac was struck by the Houston PD patroller, which was traveling at high speed with no lights or sirens.   

“You can clearly see from the video, and the impact of the collision, this officer was doing well beyond the posted speed limit. Without their sirens. There’s no lights there’s nothing. That’s just a complete lack of care and disregard and a level of recklessness for the community,” said family attorney Nuru Witherspoon.

The team of professionals at The Witherspoon Law Group is working tirelessly to hold the Houston PD responsible for the irreparable harm which has been caused by the victim’s untimely, wrongful death.  

“There was a person behind the car. A person who was loved. He was very instrumental in the care of my children— my children could have been in that car,” said Cooper’s daughter, Dr. Brandi Cooper-Lewis.

Victims of fatal auto accidents die in Texas far too often. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were no deathless days on Texas roadways in 2019. Last year, Texas car crashes claimed the life of one person every 2 hours and 26 minutes, and 284 people were killed in traffic crashes involving speed.

“To have his life taken, so egregiously and so irresponsibly, it’s just terrible,” said Rev. Lawrence Cooper, son of Walter Cooper. 

Losing a loved one— especially in an unforeseen tragedy like a car accident— is one of the most traumatic events that a family member will ever have to experience. The Witherspoon Law Group is devoted to helping families and individuals who are injured by the negligence of others. Each member of our firm has experienced the devastation and heartache that happens when a family, friend, or community member is killed or left seriously injured after a catastrophic accident.  

We at the Witherspoon Law Group believe it is our duty to educate the greater community about issues like this, which lead to pain, suffering, and loss of life nationwide. Here in our news blog, we share information about personal injury cases which are related to the type of law that we practice. We also report on important news that impacts the rights of personal injury claimants, such as judgments and appellate cases that can affect victims’ ability to seek relief or damages via settlement or in court. 

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